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*Turnover Cleaning     (Vacation Rentals)

*Basic Service

*Deep Cleaning

*Construction Cleaning

*Janitorial/Office Cleaning


Dust window sills and ledges.

Dust frames and knickknacks.

Remove cobwebs.

Dust lamps.

Dust furniture, woodwork, and shelves.

Vacuum carpets or wash floors.

Clean wood floors.

Vacuum furniture, including under seat cushions.

Empty and clean ashtrays and wastebaskets.


Wash floors.

Clean mirrors.

Clean and sanitize toilets.

Polish chrome.

Clean, scrub, and sanitize showers and bathtubs.

Clean, scrub, and sanitize vanities, sinks, and back



Clean Appliances, Counters, Cabinets, Tables, & Chairs
Clean, Scrub, & Sanitize Sinks
Clean Range Tops
Clean Inside & Outside of Microwave
Wash Floors
Fill & Empty Dishwasher
Oven & Refrigerator Cleaning

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